By Jeff Fetter: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has a reputation of being a player who doesn’t perform well during cold weather games. Manning grew up in Louisiana and played mostly in warm weather stadiums throughout his high school and college career. Recently, Manning has a record of 3-7 in playing in games with cold outside temperatures. The Broncos were recently beaten by the New England Patriots two weeks ago in 19 degree outside temperatures in Foxboro, MA.

Manning completed 19 of 36 passes for 150 yards in that game, which was easily the worst game of the season for him. It was also the coldest temperature he’d played at this season. Manning also played poorly in the Broncos 38-35 overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs last season in 20 degree weather in Denver, Colorado. Manning completed 28 of 43 passes for 290 yards with 2 interceptions in that game.

Most of the passes he completed were the short variety rather than the medium to long that he normally throws. The Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was able to upstage Manning by throwing several long passes to give the Ravens the victory.

Manning said to USA Today “This is now how I feel.”

Broncos head coach John Fox is also in denial about Manning playing poorly in cold weather, saying “If we won those games, we wouldn’t be talking about weather right now. And we could have easily won either of those games.”

The reality is that Manning didn’t win either of those games, and he’s not won a lot of other games where his teams have played in cold weather. By denying the reality of the situation, it just makes Manning and Fox look like people who are unwilling to accept the truth of the situation. You can’t look at Manning’s games in cold weather and not come away with the conclusion that he looks like an unhappy camper being outside in the elements. With the way he moves and carries himself, he seems like a person who wants to get out of the cold into a warm environment. In other words, Manning is a warm weather quarterback who struggles in the cold. That’s not good news for the Broncos because they’re going to have to play in the cold during the playoffs and we could see Manning choke like he’s done in the past when playing outside in frigid temps. Bart Starr, he is not.